Hi, my name is Hyunseung Park
I'm Developer.
And, It's my blog!

About me

My major focus is on developing web application.

When I'm not coding, wathing youtube videos or playing game, you'll find me cooking, working out in the park or drinking somewhere.

This blog

To build modern web application.

If I'm interested in something technical thing, I'll try on this site. This site can be my personal portfolio also my playground!


Less code, Great performance.

No server. Just next.js with headless CMS contentful. Deploy on vercel. I hope for better performance and SEO.


Next.js with fully Typescript

This site made with next.js and Typescript! I love React and Typescript.


All things what i'm interested

IT technoloy, frontend, backend, architecture, agile, etc... If you have something funny topic, please tell me.